Spin and Fly - Paragliding Interlaken

Spin and Fly

CHF 220

+2 其他选项

First take a seat in Switzerlands first Jetboat and enjoy full 360° spins on the lake of Brienz. And not only that: You will have the chance to see the majestic Giesbach Falls and stunning mountains.... The alpine landscape is absolute unique. Your captain knows the lake inside out and will give you information about the the surrounding and region.


After your return you are ready for a wonderful tandemflight above Interlaken. Fly over Lake Thun and enjoy the view of the snowy summits of the Jungfrau as you soar above Interlaken. Nothing can beat these breathtaking views.


With this unbeatable packaged you can save 49,- Franks. Instead of 269,- you only have to pay 220,- and two of the best adventures combined.

You can also chose to go flying first and enter the Jetboat afterwards.

PLEASE NOTE: You can reserve your flight time and date directly. For the Jetboat Ride reservation you have to send us a mail to mail@paragliding-interlaken.ch with the required date and time and we will send you a confirmation for the Jetride.

CHF 220

+2 其他选项


悬挂式滑翔 Big Blue Summer 夏天


  • For everyone from 4 – 100 years
  • Flight high above Interlaken
  • 360° spins on the lake of Brienz
  • Information about the region and surroundings
  • The perfect adventure combination of water and air
  • Unbeatable Package price


  1. Check In Paragliding Interlaken
  2. Starting Field Amisbühl Beatenberg
  3. Landing Field Interlaken
  4. Heidis Photo Chalet