Information - Paragliding Interlaken

Risk minimizing is our highest priority
With mutual respect within our team, we reach a maximum in quality and minimize risk. We know and live by our risk management and quality concept. We accept new knowledge and continue to develop our standards of working on it consistently. 

Luck, happiness and fun in the profession
We work for Paragliding Interlaken because we love our job. We trust and value each other and the work of our team. We greet different cultures, ideas and visions with respect and acceptance.

Everything revolves around our guest
We accompany our guest with a positive charisma and complete competence for a unique experience, that will last forever in their memory.

Economical basis
We keep to our economical principals, to secure an attractive job for our employees. The positive sentiment of our employees reflects a good economical basis of Paragliding Interlaken.

We bring guests to Interlaken
We promote the Paragliding experience with international, national and regional marketing to attract guests to Interlaken. We utilize the potential of partner firms, employees and the region to make Interlaken a major destination for Nature and Adventure Sports enthusiasts.

We maintain our good Image
Our exemplary and unified presence reflects our uniqueness.
Through continual training and constant improvement of our company structure we achieve a position of the highest quality in our industry.

We appreciate and take care of our infrastructure
We ensure that our base, office, equipment and transportation facilities provide a comfortable atmosphere and safe environment for our customers and employees.

Nature Conservation
We operate in an environmentally friendly manner to preserve and protect our natural resources for future generations. It is our goal that each guest who joins us leaves with a greater respect and appreciation for the value of nature.