Swiss traditional photos - get your unique souvenir - Paragliding Interlaken

Swiss traditional photos - get your unique souvenir

Da CHF 39

Dress up in a traditional Swiss costumes, choose your favorite original backgrounds, take one of the many original props available and strike a pose. Have fun and take home your unique Swiss souvenir photos. 

On spot you get to choose between the following package:

  • 5 high resolution pictures with different backgrounds and props per e-mail (soft copies only)
  • 1 nice pictures with one background printed and framed, ready for you in 5 minutes. 
On spot are more print outs at an extra cost available. 

4-6 people CHF 69.00 for the group
3 people CHF 59.00 for the group
2 people CHF 49.00 for the couple
1 person CHF 39.00 for 1 person 


Da CHF 39

* meet us on time booked at Heidi's Photo Chalet in the centre of Interlaken


In evidenza

* dress up in traditional Swiss costumes
* choose your favorite stunning backgrounds
* choose many original props
* take home unique souvenir photos 
* most importan HAVE FUN! 



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